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Ziggy needs a new home

This is Ziggy 🐭
He is about 1,5-2 years old (not really sure, I rescued him when he was already adult) gerbil. Very sweet, curious and smart! I taught him a trick where he touches your finger with his nose when you say “noot”. He loves to chew everything and dig a lot.
I’ve had him for over a year now, I tried my best to give him best possible life, but unfortunately I came to conclusion that is not enough.
Gerbils are social animals, they need to have contact with other gerbils or you need to interact and play with him every now and then otherwise they get depressed (which signs you can really tell). He is friendly and responds to kissing noises, when I cook something he loves to nibble a bit of food I give him, when I vacuum he is very curious, to be honest I feel like he is like a dog – always wants to see everything 😃
In his new home he goes with all his stuff: main cage, secondary smaller cage (whcih is good for traveling) food, nesting, some toys and even extra cardboard sutff that I collected to give him for chewing.
It would be ideal that he goes to someone who knows how to handle gerbils and someone who will be dedicated to him.

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